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Hall of Fame? (Part 2 of 6)

Here’s the future and possible Hall of Famers from the AL Central:

Chicago White Sox:


Jim Thome- Will finish with over 500 homers and 1500 RBI’s, as well as over 2000 hits, numbers that should get Thome in the Hall


Paul Konerko- At age 31, with 257 homers and 844 RBI’s, he most likely will not have enough to get him in, but still a maybe none the less.

Minnesota Twins:

Definites: No definites 30 or older, but unless Johan Santana’s arm literally falls off, he will get in.


Torii Hunter- Only 181 homers, 661 RBI’s, 1131 hits, and a lifetime average of .271 at age 32 are definitley not Hall of Fame numbers. But Hunter is arguably one of the greatest outfielders to ever play the game, in one of the toughest places to play outfield in the majors, the white-roofed Metrodome.

Detroit Tigers-


Gary Sheffield- Will finish with over 500 home runs, close to 2000 RBI’s and currently has 2471 hits. Not to mention one of the quickest bats baseball has ever seen.

Ivan Rodriguez- One of the greatest catchers ever, lifetime average of .303, will have around 350 homers and around 2800 hits.


Kenny Rogers- Very similar numbers to Schilling, so if Schilling is a maybe, he is. 209 wins at the moment.

Cleveland Indians: No one over 30 at the moment will get in

Kansas City Royals: No one over 30 OR below 30 will get in lol

 Tommorrow, the AL West’s future HOF’s.

3 Responses to “Hall of Fame? (Part 2 of 6)”

  1. I think you should have included Magglio Ordonez on the maybe list. He’s 33 years old, but he’s had quite a resurgence the last couple of years. He’s over 1,500 hits, and is closing in on 250 homers and 1,000 RBI’s. Plus, he’s got better than a .300 career batting average. Otherwise, I think I agree with your picks. Sheffield could be a little iffy with the steroids accusations, but numbers-wise, he’s in.

  2. to go along with the american league central HOF list, shouldnt you consider mike sweeney. the first baseman has almost 200 homers and 900 rbis at this point in his career. hes 33 years old and if he could somehow put together a few more healthy years, he should be consider a “maybe”.

  3. Everyone and their moms has 200 career home runs these days. Sadly, 400HR would get you into a maybe category, 300 HR won’t get you anywhere, which is probably where Sweeney will end up.

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